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Bryan McClellan.com Find help with depression and other life issues, through light work, energy work, and Bryan McClellan’s gifted energy transfer. Bryan McClellan is a Near Death Experience Survivor, Energy Worker and Healing Facilitator.

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Energy Workshop in Sedona ArizonaEmpower yourself! Attend one of Bryan’s workshops. These workshops are incredibly powerful and uplifting. At workshops, Bryan conducts meditations and energy processes that address the needs of the attendees and spends time on each attendee to make core corrections in their energy fields. He also teaches techniques so that everyone is empowered to work on themselves at home.

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"My Mission is to facilitate healing and wholeness for my clients and to teach them  how they can do this for themselves."


Quantum Paradigm Shifts Bryan's shares his near death experience and stories in his latest blog posts

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Many of you know that I had several near-death experiences in my earlier adult-hood. This is not something I talk about often but there are some important lessons that I learned from them that I’d like to share with you.

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What is Energy Healing?

A while back we talked about the fact that all matter, including human beings, are made of energy. Now it’s time to talk about energy work, or energy healing, and what that means..
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Thank you for the very extraordinary session you did for me on Sunday. I've had many experiences in the world of yoga, meditation, energy work, hard martial arts, Tai Chi and the like; I don't think I've ever experienced the depth of effective inner shift, clarity, lightening, energizing, and inner alignment that I have had during and since the session. This included Inner vision experience during the session, heightened intuitive clarity since the session and a near 100% reduction in the stress/pain levels in my Body. Many Thanks and keep up the good work!

.–Sincerely, John D


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Near-death experience survivor and spiritual energy worker Bryan McClellan. Strengthen your body mind, and spirit and achieve major life changes. Find help with depression and other life issues and challenges through light work, energy work, and Bryan McClellan’s gifted energy transfer. Bryan McClellan is a near death experience survivor, light energy worker and healing facilitator. Experience Bryan McClellan's gifted energy work, light work and spiritual energy transfer. He has had numerous out of body experiences and enjoys sharing his near death experiences with the world. Get a Free 15 minute energy healing and spiritual energy transfer consultation today. Listen in on a free Tele-seminar, and attend one of many In-person healing energy workshops Bryan McClellan is facilitating in Sedona Arizona and around the U.S or download meditations in MP3 format with Bryan's Healing Tools and Products 

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